Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Happy Dance

I finished another Teresa Wentzler design last week. This is called You Were Hatched... and was a limited release in 2000. Unfortunately, I missed it back then, but thanks to a wonderful online friend that loaned the chart to me, I was able to stitch one for myself :)

I started this on 1/16/11 and finished it on 1/27/11. I plan to finish it as an ornament for our tree next Christmas. I stitched it on a scrap of hand dyed linen I found in my fabric drawer. I am NOT a fan of linen after this project. It wasn't so much the different size fabric threads that bothered me, but the lack of oomph in the fabric. I had to really watch my tension while stitching on it to make sure I didn't distort the fabric.

We are finally dug out of the blizzard of 2011. DH, The Insane Gardener and I spent about 8 hours total digging out our driveway, our elderly neighbors driveway and a few neighbors sidewalks. In fact, DH is back out there again cleaning up what the road crews just threw back onto the sidewalks....the neighbors all call DH the crazy snowman. In fact, a couple of them are blaming the blizzard on him, as he just loves playing with his snowblower so much...too funny :)