Saturday, April 17, 2010

Warning! Rant Mode On.

Ok, I have 2 confessions to make before I go into my rant, I do not watch Top Model and I am not a fan of Tyra Banks. However, last night while I was flipping through the menu to find something to watch, it was on in the background. I couldn't help it, I got drawn in.

Ok, so we're at the end of the show where the judging is happening. Each girl goes before the judges with her best photo shot and they either praise it or insult it. There isn't a lot of constructive criticism happening at this point. Also, all of the girls are dressed somewhat similarly in short skirt things and high heels. So, we get to one girl that comes out to the end of the runway to get her judgment. The blatantly gay black judge makes a snide comment about the shoes she's wearing. To which Tyra starts chiming in with nasty names at the girl - "skank" was one of them and I can't recall the other two.

To this, the girl, quite politely, asked them if they were kidding. At which point, the judging moved from her current outfit to her photo shot - which they insulted quite well, too.

Fast forward to the very end of the show where the judges rank the girls on how well their photo shot is. This girl was ranked second to last and was given a lecture by Tyra about how the girl was "defensive" and "combative" and none of the judges would want her on their photo shoot or to work with her. She needed to work on this.

How dare Tyra Banks lecture this girl for standing up for herself in a polite manner when she had just called her a skank?!? I cannot believe the gall of this woman. No, woman is the wrong word for Tyra Banks. I'll leave it to you to decide what she should be's not appropriate for polite company, though.

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