Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

DH and I spent the day at my sister's house having a yard sale. We did better than we had expected to do, so both DH and I were pleased. And I made enough money to have some mad money for the community sales happening in my hometown next weekend! Yay!

The bowls I showed you in my last post didn't sell, though. Apparenly I had them priced too high for a yard sale or nobody was interested in them. That's ok, I'll just keep them handy for gifts.

I finally got some pictures on the wall today. If you'll recall, we had painted the living room this week, and I wanted to wait a while to put the pictures back up. For some reason, the walls grew in size when we took down the wall of curtains!!! LOL We replaced the curtains with roller shades (very temporary until we can afford to get the roman shades we want), but now I have more walls to put the same amount of pictures on. They sure aren't going far! I need to look for wall pockets to add to the ensemble and have Mom help me compose some nice settings. She learned this wonderful trait to put together wall settings when she sold Home Interior years ago. At least someone in the family has some taste! LOL

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