Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Elevators - Do They Confuse You??

Are elevators truly confusing devices? You wouldn't think so. Well, apparently today they are baffling to me - even though I use one (the exact same one!) every day!

This afternoon, while on my way to lunch, I was waiting next to the elevators with another woman (there are 2 elevators next to each other). She had pressed the button to go down by the time I arrived. Both elevators opened at the same time and at least 3 people got off each elevator - emptying both of them. Before either of us could get into one, they both shut in front of us! How can 2 people miss 2 elevators that are empty when we'd been standing there waiting for them? We couldn't even use the excuse that we were talking and got distracted!

On my way back from lunch, I entered the elevator to go back upstairs with 2 other men. They were going to Floor 4, I was getting off on 3. When the doors opened, a woman was standing in front of the doors, waiting to get on. So, I quickly got off so she could get on before the doors shut again - only to find myself standing on Floor 2!!! As I did an about-face - I looked at those 2 men and said "this isn't 3!" Um, duh. Thankfully, they both had a sense of humor and we all chuckled about it on our way up another floor.

So, why are elevators baffling me today? Am I out of sync with the mechanics of the building? Did the solar eclipse today throw off my internal timing? Or am I just missing a clue? Who knows - I'm just glad my DH drives me to and from work every day or I might not make it on my own!

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