Saturday, January 30, 2010

No Happy Dance for Me...

I finished this cross-stitch piece last weekend. It's called Joyful Summer and was designed by Country Cottage Needleworks and is stitched on 28 ct. Barest Blue Jobelin using the threads called for in the design. The picture makes it seem much darker than it is in real life - I never claimed to be the photographer in the family...
I left a couple of motifs off, as it felt finished when I got to this point. And who am I to argue with a stitched piece?

I planned to post my happy dance online - because that's what nearly everyone online calls a finish - a happy dance. However, I realized I didn't have the motivation to take the picture, photoshop it, and then post about it. In fact, as the day progressed, the more depressed I became. I found I had no motivation to do anything - quilting or cross-stitch. I ended up spending the evening eating popcorn and watching sappy love story movies.

By the next day, I found I could start work on the Dragon piece for DH (more on this later). After all, that was the whole reason I finished Joyful Summer - so I could start the Dragon guilt-free.

Apparently, instead of the happy dance I was expecting for finishing a very cute piece - I needed to go through a period of mourning for finishing a very cute piece. Let's say it all together this time - she's crazy.

Oh well, it's on my design wall waiting for me to have an inspired idea about framing. And meanwhile - on to the Dragon!

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Lori said...

Very cute cross stitch!!! Happy dancing for you!!