Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scrounging Around Goodwill

I love reading Kim's blog Threadheads Unite! She has such a sense of humor and I love reading about her Thrifty Thursdays. She always has such interesting finds!

Well, not that I plan to make this a weekly thing, but I got bitten by the Goodwill bug this past week, as well. I found a few very good things, too! My first finds I didn't get pictures of, but I found a really neat retro phone for my Mom's new apartment. She needs one that isn't cordless so it will still work if the power goes out, and this one fits the bill. It's a desk-top model, looks like those old chunky rotary phones with the receiver on top. It's black and I think it's great! If she doesn't like it, I do believe I'll just keep it for myself! hehe.

I also found a really neat wooden quilt hanger that will work great for mini quilts. It's got a 3-D bow made out of wood - very cool. Once I get it on the wall, I'll take a picture for you all.

I actually talked DH into checking out a couple of Goodwill's in the big city with me and I found these 2 treasures.

They are both counted cross-stitch - on linen - and for only $0.49 each!!! They aren't exactly my style, but I felt so sorry for them, I snatched them up without a second thought. I hate to think something I labored over would end up on a shelf in Goodwill with a sticker of $0.49 on it. I plan to open these up and see how well they are framed (no tape, please!) and fix if necessary. I want to find more appropriate frames for them, too.

A few other things made it home with me, but nothing very note-worthy. However, DH and I had a very enjoyable evening scrounging around the shelves to find treasures. Definitely something to try if you have nothing better to do with an evening :)

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