Friday, September 24, 2010

A Thank You Card

I did a good deed this week. Well, my neighbor and I did a good deed this week. Ok, DH helped out, too...

We all helped rescue a lost dog that wandered onto our street during a 2-day power outage. See, here's the story.

On Tuesday night, we had a powerful thunderstorm system go through our area and a lot of people lost power, us included. So, we found the battery-operated alarm clock and hunkered down for the night. I got DH off to work, and attempted to solve all of the world's problems that crept up during the day. Boy, were there a lot of them! Because of that, DH decided he needed to leave work 2 hours earlier than usual. So, at 3:30 on Wednesday, we see this black lab stroll across the street to our house. I never let a lone dog go without trying to get a look at his tags, so I went over to him and introduced myself. He was more than happy to settle down for a chat. We got him on a leash and atttached to the front porch with a bowl of water and he was a pretty happy fella.

However, the only tag he had on his collar was the city rabies tag. When we tried to call them to have them cross-reference their number to give us the owner's name, we learned that the city phone system was down...So, we hunkered down for the evening, and hoped his owners would drive by and recognize him. I even took him for a walk telling him to show me "home". He didn't do very well at that...

DH was refusing to let the dog in the house (which I guess I don't blame him for), so we were planning to get him settled down on the front porch, when The Insane Gardener decided it was supposed to rain again Wednesday night. Okaaaayy...well, she offered to let him in her house for the evening, so that's what we did. He was an awesome guy with her cats - even though they didn't like him very well. He didn't chase them or bark at them or anything. And, we were still without power.

So, Thursday, The Insane Gardener brought him back before she left for work for me to take care of for the day. We tried the city one more time, since our power had come back on in the middle of the night, but had disappeared again by the time we woke up. Lo and behold! The city had power! They very nicely told us who the dog was - Toby - and who his owners were. Ten minutes later there was a tear-filled reunion :D

I learned that their little boy must have let him out accidentally when he took one of their other dogs for a walk. And their little girl was just convinced that Toby had been hit by a car. I'm so glad we were able to keep him safe for them. I mentioned they might want to get a tag with their info on it in case this happens again - they agreed readily to that idea.

Well, I move on with my day, and after school lets out, the little boy comes over with a Thank You card for The Insane Gardener and us! It was just too sweet.
And in case you can't read what the note says, here you go...
"thank you so much for takeing care of toby. and for feeding him, and peting him. thank you for takeing him in. aydan"
How sweet!

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