Sunday, September 26, 2010

What I've Been Up To...

I've been working on a new project this weekend that has taken me by storm. It's a Halloween wallhanging and I can't stop working on it.

I got all the fabrics cut yesterday. Today I spent the morning getting the embroidery designs traced onto the fabrics and the stitching was started tonight. I found the pattern in the lastest issue of the magazine that spotlights 10 quilt shops a couple times each year (of course the name of the magazine is escaping me right now). Anyway, I fell in love with the pattern and started pulling all the Halloween fabric I owned out of my stash. I have a lot of it!! I didn't have to buy a single piece of fabric for this quilt, including the back!! I'll get a picture of it soon.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this - Felix Butt. I finally got a quilt hanging off the quilt hanger DH made me this summer, and Felix has convinced himself that if he sits like this, nobody can see him. No amount of me telling him that we can all see him seems to make him think otherwise. Oh well :)

The quilt was made by my mother's mother's father's mother, Viola Hesterly. Did you get that? Basically, my grandma's paternal grandmother made it for her when she got married in 1940. It's a basic log cabin, it's tied and has a knife edge treatment on it. It fits a double bed and is very warm. I think she liked pink!

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