Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Hunter?

Remember this guy from my last post?

Remember I claimed him to be a Great Hunter of all things buggy in our home? Yeah. Well. He's not doing so well lately. You see, we discovered a bat in our house yesterday. A bat that I had suspicions of being in our house for the previous 2 days, but could find no evidence of.

I kept getting woken up in the middle of the night for the previous 2 nights when a cat would jump on our bed and do that bouncy thing they do when they're tracking something flying around above their heads. But whenever I would look for evidence of a bat, I would find nothing. You may wonder why that was my first inclination. Well, every year since we've moved into this house (8 years ago), we've had a bat at some point in the summer - sometimes more than one. So, it's become a routine for us....unfortunately.

Ok, back to the Great Hunter. So I'm waking up for 2 nights, looking for bats and finding none. Yesterday afternoon DH comes to me and informs me that he has found a bat hanging in the corner of our kitchen. Goody. So, we go into battle mode and get our big fish net (my weapon of choice) and baseball bat (DH's weapon of choice). After attempting to calm DH down (he has a terrible fear of bats), we finally were able to dispose of said bat.

Where was the Great Hunter (a.k.a. Felix)? He was hiding in the back porch afraid of the fish net!!! And I had just finished talking him up, too!!! I just don't know....

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