Monday, March 22, 2010

Nephew's Big Boy Quilt

It occured to me that I neglected to mention where I got the pattern for Nephew's Big Boy Quilt. I found it in a copy of Australian Patchwork & Quilting about 5 years ago. I can't tell you the exact issue, as I ripped the pattern out and there is no indicator of issue number on the pages. Sorry..

It's called Postage Stamp Variation in the mag and was designed to be a 9 block quilt with half dresdens on all 4 borders. Yes, I am changing the pattern slightly. It needs to fit a big boy's bed, afterall.

A friend in the quilt bee I attended at the time challenged me to make this quilt with her. Well, she is the speediest sewer I've ever encountered - hand or machine sewing - so naturally, she finished long before I did. After she finished, I kind of lost the urge to work on it myself, and it was relegated to the UFO bin.

Anyway, DSis got to see the quilt yesterday and fell in love with it. She chose a dark purple print to go in the circles of the dresdens, so I'm working on appliqueing those down today. Hopefully I'll have the borders on this week and can get it to Mom's to get it basted soon. I'm planning to machine-quilt it with a variegated blue or green thread (I'm not sure which one I have on hand). DSis also requested a wool batting - she liked the thickness of it.

Out of here for now..

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Lori said...

Wonderful quilt for your nephew. Sounds like you are staying busy.